Goals of a Modest Poet

My goal is to be
your favorite Poet’s
favorite Poet.

My goal is to be
well hella known
‘n totally know it.

My goal is to
sign paperback’s..
from the front,
to the paper’s back.

Oh, ‘n talk ’bout autograph’s..

My goal is to auto graph
my autograph
on an Auto’s Graph.

I hafta draw the line – at skin graphs.

But I’ll sign a chick’s breast..
durin’ a wings fest,
at a chicken eatin’ contest,
til my face is messed,
of finger lickin’ fried flesh.

If you hear me cluckin’,
scream; “HELLS YES!”

My goal is to
live the life I love,
til I love the life I live.

My goal is to
give the gift of giving,
til the gift I’m giving
can no longer give.

My goal is to believe
in my beliefs,
until believin’
becomes unbelievable.

My goal is to write
The most perfectly written poem,
that even poetic over achievers
deem it unachievable.

My goal is to
educate your mind,
with wordplay
that’s educational.

My goal in to inspire,
uninspired mind’s,
with thoughts that
are inspirational..

My goal is to Poet..
like nobody’s readin’..
til the heartbeat in my pen
dries up – ‘n stops beatin’..

..and even then – I won’t quit.

Not as long as there’s
air in my lungs..
‘n I’m breathin’.

-rome ©2016